Want an EdCampHI T-Shirt?

You must admit, theEdCamp Honolulu T-Shirts are pretty sweet.  In the past, we've only had them available for our volunteers and lucky number winners.  This year, YOU TOO can own an EdCamp Honolulu T-Shirt!  And even better, wear your EdCamp Honolulu T-Shirt to the Schools of the Future Conference on NOVEMBER 4 and you will get an extra lucky number ticket which will give you a better chance of winning one of the AMAZING prizes at EdCamp Honolulu!  How do you get your T-Shirt? It's Easy!
Available starting September 25th!

What's an EdCamp?

EdCamps are "UNconferences," that are free, participant-driven professional development events where the attendees set the schedule and lead the sessions, which are conversations - NOT presentations. EdCamp Honolulu will be an event full of rich discussions, cool demonstrations, plenty of hands-on learning! Join us on Saturday, November 7th at Punahou School.